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Social Lead Gold has a turbo mode which converts 100k ids in to emails AND cleans out banned/fake/closed accounts
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Social Lead Gold
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30 June 2015

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As many of you know know or have seen, Facebook has been going through some changes recently with their interface and user results algorithm. Not to worry! Social Lead Gold is going strong and faster then ever. In all reality, if you are going to be involved with IM and SEO and communicating with people here on BHW. You need to get Skype! Its free man! Contact me when you get Skype so we can talk, no reason to overpopulate the sales thread with questions that I have answered time and time again. Please read the SALES THREAD itself, because you seem to be confused as to WHAT EXACTLY my software does! Is there a dedicated support forum or thread where I should post questions, or should I just email you directly? I actually purchased yesterday, but that is not what I'm seeing in that column. I'm mostly getting event venue names, not city/state, so I still can't tell where they are located. Maybe there is an alternate source of location data? Hey, does this software still works? I was searching for something like this and it seems that all other software don't work anymore. Also is it still possible to import fb UID when you create fb ads? YES, Social Lead Gold is 100% operational and works as advertised We always strive to create the best software on the net and the best of its kind. With your purchase you get FREE lifetime Updates and Support! You will not be disappointed! We don't get much thread posts from our client, because they are too busy making money Instead of IDs you upload EMAILS. Social Lead Gold has a built in ID to Emails converter.

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